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Moving On…

It’s time to move on, to another project and adventure. This blog will not be kept active.

It has been a while since I posted anything here. Some things don’t last that long. But they can still be beautiful and inspire others. And hopefully I’ve given you some hope!

I still believe that there will not be a very long time before non-humans have rights. I have decided to prioritize my other animal rights blog, that is both in Swedish and English and was created in 2010. If you want to then do stop by! Find a link to it further down. I will not keep this blog active. It has had a short “active” life as I created it in March this year (2016).

The animal rights movement is important

The animal rights movement and the animal advocates are working with a big mission that can help many individuals on our planet. Even though it sometimes can feel overwhelming it is a very important mission!

Remember that change sometimes takes time, that seeds grow underground where we don’t see them, and last, remember that Rome wasn’t built in one day 😉

Sometimes it feels like our efforts doesn’t make a difference, but I assure you they do! We may have to work or think in a different way to find the solutions though.

Dragonfly - Animal Rights Around The Corner

Before taking off

Before taking off I really want to thank you!  Thank you for all of your support, comments, likes and for sharing and caring ❤ I really appreciate it!

If you want to find more posts by me about animal rights, veganism and so on, please go to Rörelse för djurrätt (rorelsefordjurratt.blogspot.se).

This is the 27th of December 2016.
I am wishing you peace and love.

/Christoffer Edström

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The Nonhuman Rights Project: In The Forefront Of The Animal Rights Movement!

Paw & hand - Animal Rights Around The Corner

Today I want to tell you a little bit about the Nonhuman Rights Project, Steven M. Wise, the new documentary Unlocking the Cage, and a documentary called A Legal Person. I’m also including several videos for you to deepen your knowledge in these topics.

The Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) was founded in 2007 by Steven M. Wise. According to its website the NhRP is the only organization working through the common law for actual legal rights for members of species other than our own. Check out the video to get a brief overview of what the people of NhRP are doing!

What is the Nonhuman Rights Project?

The President of the Nonhuman Rights Project is the animal rights lawyer Steven M. Wise. He has been an advocate for the animals for many years – actually even since his childhood. In the documentary A Legal Person – which you will find more information about further down – he describes a few events in his childhood when his consideration for nonhuman animals proved strong.

He has also written four books. All of them aren’t about animal rights but they still seem interesting 🙂 So if you prefer reading longer texts like in books then maybe one or two of these could give you what you like:

  • Rattling the Cage: Toward Legal Rights for Animals, 2000.
  • Drawing the Line: Science and the Case for Animal Rights, 2002.
  • Though the Heavens May Fall, 2005.
  • An American Trilogy: Death, Slavery and Dominion Along the Banks of the Cape Fear River, 2009.

Below you will find a TED talk held by Steven M. Wise that was recorded in 2015. The TED talk is about 14 minutes. He also visited the locality Båstad in Sweden in 2014 where he held a lecture about his work for the nonhuman animals. You can find his lecture, that is about 50 minutes, on this link. It’s available until July 1st 2019.

Steven Wise: Chimps have feelings and thoughts. They should also have rights

Steven M. Wise’s work for the animals is very important and interesting. It’s so interesting that the film makers Chris Hegedus and D. A. Pennebaker followed the Nonhuman Rights Project and Steven M. Wise, as they went to court for a number of great apes that are used by humans for example in zoos.

Hegedus and Pennebaker’s interest in the animal rights advocates of the NhRP formed into a documentary that will have its theatrical premiere in New York May 25th this year. It is called Unlocking The Cage! Personally I’m very much looking forward to watch Unlocking The Cage. I hope it will be released on DVD or on Video On Demand for all of us soon 🙂 Find the official trailer below.

Unlocking The Cage Trailer

Pennebaker and Hegedus also produced the short documentary – Animals Are Persons Too – that you can find on this link. So if you can’t wait for Unlocking The Cage then check out Animals Are People Too!

Another documentary about Steven M. Wise – called A Legal Person – was first produced in 2001 and was later recut. You can find the 2015 version below. A Legal Person is very interesting, it gives its viewers a perspective over the last 15 years. As an example, in this documentary Mr. Wise says that animal rights lawyers should not take issues of legal rights for nonhuman animals to courts because the timing isn’t right. But as you probably know the people of the Nonhuman Rights Project are nowadays taking cases to court. And that’s great 🙂 A Legal Person was made by Donna Thomas and Paul Garstki.

A Legal Person, Steven Wise and the case for animal legal rights, 2015 recut

The people of the Nonhuman Rights Project and Steven M. Wise are certainly doing a very important work for the animals, as I see it they are in the forefront of the animal rights movement. A big thank you to them!

That’s all for now, thank you for reading. Please take care!

Steven M. Wise - Animal Rights Around The Corner

Interesting panel talk in New York on Saturday

On Saturday New Yorkers can listen to an interesting panel talk called Animal Rights and the Human Slavery Analogy.

This panel talk is held in NYU School of Law, Furman Hall (245 Sullivan Street). It will also be live streamed and recorded. Watch it on law.nyu.edu/livestream.

The panel consists of Steven M. Wise, Aph Ko, Christopher-Sebastian McJetters. Steven Wise is the president of The Nonhuman Rights Project. Aph Ko is the founder of Aphro-ism.com and Blackvegansrock.com. Christopher-Sebastian McJetters is a staff writer for Vegan Publishers.

Find more information about the event and the panel in the Facebook event.

Steven M. Wise - Animal Rights Around The Corner
Steven M. Wise
Tom Regan - Animal Rights Around The Corner

Tom Regan Argues For Animal Rights

The American philosopher Tom Regan is one of the front figures of the animal rights movement. Today I want to show you an interesting presentation that he gave at the Royal Institute of Great Britain in 1989.

Tom Regan has been a well-known advocate for the animals since the 1980s. That was when his first books on animal rights got published, among them the classic The Case For Animal Rights. For more information about Tom Regan check out his website on the link.

In this video he argues well balanced for the rights of animals.

Tom Regan, A Case For Animal Rights

“It cannot be rational therefore to treat other animals as if they were tools”

Tom Regan

Tom Regan - Animal Rights Around The Corner
Tom Regan

Lisa Gålmark is visiting Lund this week!

On Wednesday this week the prominent Swedish animal rights advocate Lisa Gålmark will come to Lund to talk about feminism and animal rights.

Lisa Gålmark has been an important voice for the animals and the animal rights movement in Sweden since before I became active in the movement in the late ’90s. I remember reading her book Djurrätt (in English: Animal Rights) when I was something of a novice in the movement. I found the book intelligent, important and full of startling facts. It spoke to me in a very clear way.

To my knowing Djurrätt is not available in English.

If you want to go and listen to her this Wednesday April 13th, then let me tell you a little bit about the event. It is arranged by Djurens Rätt Lund, Lund University Critical Animal Studies Network, and Folkuniversitetet (a study association). Djurens Rätt Lund is the local branch of Animal Rights Sweden. Lisa Gålmark’s presentation will be based on her book Skönheter och Odjur (in English: Beauties and beasts) which is a feminist critique of the human-animal relationship. I hope that it will be translated into English because it is very well-written and of course intelligent, important and interesting. It was actually released ten years ago, and that is partly why she is coming to Lund now. Because of this Jubilee 🙂 The lecture starts 6 pm and it’s held at SOL-centrum You can find more information in the Facebook event on this link.

I’m going and I hope to see you there 🙂

Lisa Gålmark has published other books, among others Vadå Vegan? (my translation: “Whatcha mean vegan?”) and Djur och människor (In English: Animals and humans).

I took the photo below in 2013 when Lisa Gålmark held a lecture in Lund at Smålands Nation, which is one of many student associations in Lund.

Until next post, I want to wish you a good time. Take care!

Lisa Gålmark visiting Smålands Nation in Lund, 2013. Photo: Christoffer Edström.
Lisa Gålmark visiting Smålands Nation in Lund, 2013. Photo: Christoffer Edström.

8 Films For The Elephants!

8 films for the elephants

Elephants are being used by humans in different ways such as for logging, agriculture, transportation, zoos, circuses and other types of entertainment. Another big issue are poachers killing elephants for their tusks. If you want to educate yourself then watch these eight films or choose your favourites.

How I Became An Elephant (2012)

Juliette West, a student from Los Angeles, goes on a trip to Thailand together with her father and a film crew led by Tim Gorski to educate themselves and try to help elephants in need. They meet Lek Chailert a woman known for helping elephants. Together they find out how elephants in Thailand are being treated. Watch the trailer below and find the full length documentary on this link. Find the official website here.

How I Became An Elephant Trailer

Elephant Whisperer (2012)

If you want to know more about Lek Chailert and what she is doing for the elephants in Thailand then check out Elephant Whisperer! This documentary is directed and produced by Icelandic Jóhann Sigfússon, Anna Dís Ólafsdóttir and Hinrik Ólafsson. Find the 50 minutes long documentary here and the official website here.

Elephant Whisperer Trailer

Tyke Elephant Outlaw (2015)

Tyke was an elephant used in circus entertainment in Hawaii. When she escaped the circus mistreatment, killed her trainer and ran through the streets of Honolulu she was shot down and killed. This was in 1994. The tragic events with Tyke was followed by a discussion about animals in entertainment.
Tyke Elephant Outlaw has been awarded several times. Find more information on the official site here.

Tyke Elephant Outlaw Trailer

The Eyes Of Thailand (2012)

This award-winning 62 minutes long documentary will warm your heart. Many elephants in Thailand are used for logging, agriculture and transportation. There are also a number of land mines on the ground that hurt both humans and elephants. In The Eyes Of Thailand we get to follow the process of giving an elephant an artificial leg. Find more information on the official site here.

The Eyes Of Thailand Trailer

For The Love Of Elephants (2010)

This 46 minutes long documentary was filmed in Kenya, Africa. It focuses on orphaned baby elephants and their keepers in a rehabilitation centre. It really shows its viewers that compassion is important. Watch the trailer below and find the official site here.

For The Love Of Elephants Trailer

Gods In Shackles (2016)

This documentary focus on the exploitation and abuse of elephants in the Indian province Kerala, where festivals are held and elephants are being used as workforce and more. Gods In Shackles is produced and directed by Sangita Iyer. Find official site here.

Gods In Shackles Pre-production Trailer

Gods In Shackles Trailer

An Apology To Elephants (2013)

This HBO documentary is about 40 minutes long. With footage from circuses and other places this film shows us different ways that elephants are being exploited. Find it’s trailer on HBO’s site.

The Urban Elephant (2001)

Allison Argo, from ArgoFilms, has been awarded for her films several times. One can tell that she really cares for animals and has been making documentaries about cats, frogs, gorillas and of course elephants. This film, The Urban Elephant, was finished in 2001. The film is about elephants that have been used in North America but originating from Asia. We, the viewers, get to follow seven elephants to so to speak hear their story. This is an eye-opening documentary. Find official site here.

The Urban Elephant – Opening sequence

So that was eight films about elephants and how they are being treated by humans. As a bonus I’m throwing in a really short film (it’s only three minutes short) that I encourage you to watch. It’s very well made 🙂

Last Days (2014)

Last Days is a thought provoking short animated documentary presenting how the ivory trade is killing elephants and supports terrorism. Watch it below! It’s only three minutes long. Find the official site here.

Last Days

And just to remind you. Never support animal abuse! Don’t ride elephants, nor give money to “entertainment” with elephants. Speak up against elephant abuse if you can! Never buy ivory, the elephants tusks. And don’t forget to teach your children compassion toward animals, one way is by not taking them to circuses that have animals performing.

I believe one can learn a lot by watching these films and understand more about these beautiful animals, how they are being treated and what we can do to help them.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this post interesting! Share this post if you please.

Animal Rights Arount The Corner

Welcome to Animal Rights Around The Corner!

Hello and welcome to Animal Rights Around The Corner! My name is Christoffer Edström and I’m the person behind Animal Rights Around The Corner. Read more about me and my background further down.

As you might be able to tell by the name of this blog, I aim to promote animal rights in the belief that the wait for animal rights will not be that long.

Why do I believe that the wait for animal rights won’t be that long? Well, as I see it things are changing fast in the world right now!

●The grass roots activism promoting animal rights and veganism is growing stronger than ever before. Many thanks to the speedy reach of social media, for example YouTube, Facebook and Twitter!

●Political parties for the animals, like the Dutch Party for the Animals (in Dutch: Partij voor de Dieren), are being created and are winning seats in national and other parliaments like the European Parliament.

●Veganism is blossoming. The number of humans going vegetarian and vegan are increasing. Animal friendly vegan recipes can be found on lots of websites and blogs nowadays. Supermarkets around the world offer a wider and wider range of vegan or plant-based food. The easier it becomes to be vegan the bigger change we are going to see.

●Documentaries exposing the systematic cruelty and violence against non-human animals are increasing in number. Even if individual change might seem to take time, I believe people are starting to wake up and see the animal abuse and oppression as something undesirable and unnecessary.
Documentaries like Earthlings, Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home, Sharkwater and The Ghosts In Our Machine are being talked about and affect their viewers strongly. Movies are powerful!

●Books on animal rights and vegan cookbooks are being published regularly. Books for example examining speciesism and carnism help their readers to become more aware of these issues. The number of vegan cookbooks is increasing rapidly encouraging people to go vegan.

These are some of the things I have observed that make me feel optimistic when it comes to a change for the better for the animals. But it is a big shift making societies animal friendly. Let’s take some big steps together to stop the violence and the human oppression of our fellow beings on Earth!

Animal Rights Arount The Corner

As I said in the beginning of this post my name is Christoffer Edström, this is the first post on Animal Rights Around The Corner. I’m usually blogging on Rörelse för djurrätt – an animal rights blog more often in Swedish but also a bit in English. On that blog I’ve covered different aspects of the animal rights movement by blogging about documentaries, grass roots campaigns, sharing vegan recipes and so on. Rörelse för djurrätt was created in January 2010.

A little more about me
Except from blogging on Rörelse för djurrätt I have been active in the two largest animal rights associations in Sweden. I started out in Animal Rights Sweden (Förbundet Djurens Rätt) by starting up a youth group in my home town around the year 1999. The youth group was active until approximately 2003. In 2007 I moved from my home town and just about a month later I became active in The Animal Rights Alliance (Djurrättsalliansen) that I was a part of for two years. In 2009 I became a part of a local board of Animal Rights Sweden in which I was a driving force by arranging movie screenings, meetings and many other things having to do with everyday work. I left the local board in 2014, during the time in the local board I was also a member of Animal Rights Sweden’s executive committee between June 2011 and May 2012. Find more information on the About page.

Now I live in a southern part of Sweden not far away from Malmö. Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city by population and it is situated close to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

Follow the blog!
As I previously wrote, the main aim with this blog is to promote animal rights in different ways. Please follow Animal Rights Around The Corner by clicking the follow button (or by adding your e-mail address in the side bar) to find out more about interesting issues concerning animal rights!

Thank you for stopping by!